Comment on “Deb Markowitz, Representing Vermont At U.N. Climate Conference, Says States Must Lead”

NOV 18, 2016

As world leaders wrap up the annual United Nations climate change conference this week in Marrakech, Morocco, many there are worried about President-elect Donald Trump’s plan to pull the U.S. out of a major climate change agreement.

Vermont’s Secretary of the Agency of National Resources, Deb Markowitz, spoke with VPR from the summit about the outlook for international climate agreements.

VPR: This is a huge summit, with delegates from all over the world. Give us just a brief sketch of what world leaders are hoping to achieve this time around.

Markowitz: “The focus is really on implementation issues. There’s a lot of technical issues, details that have to be worked out. For example, there’s supposed to be some transparency so we can hold countries accountable for the promised reduction…..

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