Comment on “Vermont wind projects dealt blow”

MONTPELIER – The governor-elect is firmly opposed to new mountaintop turbines. Two towns have voted against a big wind project. A landowner is in the regulatory crosshairs for putting up a wind speed testing tower without the required permit.

In Vermont, an ill wind blows for a once promising source of renewable energy.

Republican Gov.-elect Phil Scott was clear during the campaign: He wants to halt further development of wind turbine towers on Vermont’s widely beloved mountain ridges.

“I think my No. 1 concern is that it’s dividing Vermont. I’m looking for opportunities for us to come together, rather than dividing us any further,” Scott told The Associated Press in an interview last month……….

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One thought on “Comment on “Vermont wind projects dealt blow””

  1. If Vermont is sincere about reducing its carbon footprint, instead of wrecking its ridgelines, McNeil and Ryegate tree-burning biomass facilities should close and be replaced with improved efficiency and/or genuinely clean energy sources.

    Closing these 2 facilities and replacing the energy (5% of Vt’s electric) with efficiency, solar, and/or Quebec Hydro would have the same CO2 reduction as building 239 wind towers.

    According to the EPA, McNeil and Ryegate emit 750,000 tons of CO2 annually but Vermont succumbs to its own “carbon neutral” greenwashing and ignores these emissions. Burning trees is NOT-NOT-NOT “carbon neutral”.

    The solution for CO2, forests and economy would protect the ridgelines and close McNeil and Ryegate. This would reduce annual CO2 emissions by 750,000 tons, save forests, increase neighborliness and allow public subsidies to go for genuinely beneficial local projects

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