Comment on “Rutland County Embarks on Digital Marketing Campaign to Boost Local Population”


The U.S. women’s alpine world cup at Killington Thanksgiving weekend promises to be a media spectacle attracting tourists and skiers from the northeast and beyond. According to event organizers the two-day competition is likely to draw thousands of people to the valley. It is the first World Cup in the northeast 25 years.That same weekend the first prong of a major marketing campaign designed to rebrand the region and reverse years of demographic decline will be unveiled. The website, is one small part of a multi-year effort that local business leaders, including the Rutland Economic Development Corporation and the Chamber of Commerce hope will attract young families to the area and debunk the myth that there are no jobs or opportunities in Rutland……..

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One thought on “Comment on “Rutland County Embarks on Digital Marketing Campaign to Boost Local Population””

  1. The Rutland region is not just about Rutland City/Town and Killington. The county has 27 towns, mostly rural, both mountainous and with excellent agricultural soils. In the last decade, the rural areas have seen a loss of small businesses leading to the common phrase “what used to be” when giving directions. Local general stores are closing, some areas have become economic wastelands. Pockets of small businesses exist, but it is curious to see the decline of the rural economy and wonder what can be done about it.

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