Comment on “Burlington Officials Back Mayor’s ‘Sanctuary City’ Proposal”


Burlington could be designated a “sanctuary city” before president-elect Donald Trump even takes office.

The City Council hopes to craft and present a resolution by the end of December, according to council President Jane Knodell. The designation would mean municipal employees, including police, would not ask people about their immigration status during calls for service. It also means city employees wouldn’t round up undocumented immigrants at the behest of the federal government…….

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One thought on “Comment on “Burlington Officials Back Mayor’s ‘Sanctuary City’ Proposal””

  1. Illegal aliens are given sanctuary?

    They likely left their country illegally, and likely entered the US illegally.

    I legally came to the US after waiting in the Netherlands for 3 years to get all the paperwork approved.
    I legally (on a green card) worked in the US for 5 years, before I could apply to become a US citizen.

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