Comment on “Big challenges ahead for next Vt. Lt. Governor”

Posted: Nov 19, 2016 


Vermont’s next Lieutenant Governor is vowing to raise wages and protect the social safety net. David Zuckerman is also making history for the Progressive Party.

“This is your more traditional orange flesh sweet potato,” said Zuckerman, examining a crop.

It’s just a typical Saturday morning for the organic farmer. A long line of customers – and questions – at the Burlington winter farmers market. From the finer points of sweet potatoes, to tips on planting garlic.

“You want to look for ones with bigger cloves,” said Zuckerman.

Soon he will be splitting his time between his produce and the Lt. Governor’s office.

“What I love about it is here he is on a Saturday still doing what he does, and he was here before the election too,” said Kelley DesLauriers, shopper.

“There’s a lot of congratulations,” said Zuckerman. “Winning as a progressive, being the first statewide progressive with a “P” first – is certainly a big deal across the country not only in Vermont – especially given the national tide – it’s just such a contrast………

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