Comment on “Laying Blame for Pipeline Delays”


Editor’s note: This commentary is by Bill Marks, a member and former chair of the Hinesburg Conservation Commission member since 1990.

Beth Parent, spokesperson for Vermont Gas, recently stated in an interview with The Citizen reporter Lauren Milideo that “If it weren’t for this small group (of individuals wishing to stop the project), this project would be in service and residents in Addison County would be able to choose natural gas this heating season.”

I am one of those individuals, and I know, from having been involved in trying to protect Geprags Park from the very beginning (I am both the lead plaintiff for this group and the longest-serving member of the Hinesburg Conservation Commission, which has legal oversight and management responsibilities for the park), that this statement is patently false.

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One thought on “Comment on “Laying Blame for Pipeline Delays””

  1. When we were dealing with the billion dollar gas power plant and pipeline proposal for southwestern Vermont in 1999, we used to say they must put something in “natural gas” that makes people lie. VGS continues to prove it.

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