Comment on “Shumlin Signs ‘All-Payer’ Agreement With Feds, Amid Criticism Deal Was Rushed”

Shumlin Signs ‘All-Payer’ Agreement With Feds, Amid Criticism Deal Was Rushed

  OCT 27, 2016 

On Thursday afternoon, Gov. Peter Shumlin signed an agreement with the federal government that could overhaul the health care system in Vermont. Hospitals and many doctors say the so-called “all-payer” model has the potential to improve care, and curb costs, but critics say the deal was rushed.

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One thought on “Comment on “Shumlin Signs ‘All-Payer’ Agreement With Feds, Amid Criticism Deal Was Rushed””


    The “additional federal Medicaid money coming in” is one of the main drivers of Shumlin’s healthcare scheme, as is maximizing the schlepping of federal renewable energy subsidies into Vermont

    It is all part of the Democrat, state-run, centralized, economic, energy, healthcare, education, etc., policies for Vermont’s near-zero, real-growth economy, and its struggling households and businesses

    The Democrats aim to solidify their voter support and longevity in office, by creating government/subsidy-dependent constituencies

    One way is to create freebie/subsidized government programs for various classes of people

    Those people become dependent on these programs, and become and remain reliable Democrat voters

    The state likely will deal with any shortfall of medical services to the “underserved, but deserving” folks (their votes are important to us), by pilfering services from Medicare patients, who will find THEIR care more rationed

    A robbing “Peter to pay Paul scheme” it is

    Just one more reason for seniors not to retire in Vermont
    The other reason being high state taxes, fees and surcharges

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